Niche Marketing Strategies is a boutique marketing firm specializing in developing dynamic and impactful marketing strategies and solutions for a range of companies and industries including entrepreneurs, small businesses and start-up companies.


Niche Marketing success is all about two basic fundamentals traffic and conversion. You need to get targeted visitors to your website and you need to be able to convert those visitors to customers.

One of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal is STORY…

You should be telling stories that share your personal experience with the products you are promoting…stories that demonstrate how existing customers benefited from what you are offering prospective ones…stories that help your prospects to get to know you and trust you…even imaginary tales that help them to visualize what their lives will be like after buying what you’re selling or promoting.

There’s no better way to make a human connection and communicate the features advantages and benefits of doing business with you than by telling a good story.


  • Web Development and Design
  • Print Design
  • Brand Development
  • Communication
  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimization.


A team has been cultivated with both freelancers and partners who are experts in their fields working together to provide our clients with innovative marketing solutions.

PERSONAL TOUCH – You’ll be working with a select, very carefully chosen team whose raison d’ etre is to get the job done.

KNOW OUR CLIENT – The team that pitches a piece of new business to you is the team that you’ll be working with when you become a client.

WELL CONNECTED – A necessity, because the world is changing so quickly. At a boutique agency, your team is always very flexible, nimble, and in the know.