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Herschel Takes Over The World

Let me start by providing you with a brief overview of the blogging system so that you have an understanding of the process and we can further make the determination as to whether this is something of interest and an opportunity that you would like to pursue further.

Throughout the remainder of the email you will see a series of hyperlinks which I encourage you to click on. Upon doing so you will be directed to a “Capture Page” requesting your name and/or email address. Once you enter that information you will be directed to an information portal which will even provide you with ever greater information regarding the viral blogging system and how to monetize your blog.

The purpose of the viral blogging system is to allow you to get more exposure for your ideas, brand, or website, utilizing this progressing concept will significantly contribute to your growth.

A viral blog platform leverages the power of community blogging. Community blogging is when a collection of writers are all posting content on the same blogging platform, using the same domain name. The central purpose of viral blogging is to help bloggers, Internet marketers, affiliate marketers, and other e-commerce businesses adequately and rapidly advertise their products or services online. Traditional brick and mortar businesses can also leverage the power of a viral blog to promote their products or services locally, or to expand and reach a global audience.

Other benefits of a viral blogging system include leveraging the power of domain recognition and authority. When a person comes online and starts a new blog, it normally takes them a while to start receiving traffic to their website. This is because their new domain name has no seniority or authority in the search engines. A new blogger would have to consistently post to their blog for at least ninety days to begin receiving their first streams of search engine traffic. To begin to get significant blog traffic, they would have to post consistently for six months to a year while doing an extensive amount of back-linking to gain site authority. This can prove to be an extreme amount of work for a new blogger and usually results in the person quitting.

A viral blogging platform already has the authority of a seasoned domain name and naturally has recognition in the search engines. Its authority comes from a large number of backlinks, as a result of its many users, and the domain age. Whenever a person blogs on the platform using a specific keyword, it will quickly get ranked and indexed in the search engines – in some cases within twenty-four hours. On a new blog, it could take months for content to be ranked, and even longer to make it onto the first page of the search results.

This exhibits the power of a viral blogging system. Getting content to rank on the first page of search engines is quicker and easier. The more users you blog on the platform the more authority and ranking power the domain has. Thus, the more traffic you will receive. This is basically applying the old phrase two heads are better than one, or in this case, thousands of bloggers on the same domain, is better than one blogger on one domain.

Thus if you are interested in generating income in addition to what your currently doing blogging within our viral blogging system this opportunity may be of interest to you.

I would encourage you to visit the following link at:


Click on one of the hyperlinks throughout the email message so you can be transferred to the viral blogging system and after viewing the information if this is of interest to you I would like to setup a time when we can talk and discuss the opportunity in greater detail.

To your success,